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Technical Specifications

* Made of Polyester, Fiberglass and natural stone dust.

* Our products has a natural looking and texture by producing using of special techniques and our ability to sampling from nature.

* Light weight. Average weight is between 6-7 kg/m2.

* Not flammable. It can used in areas which has a high level of temperatures and also areas which are exposed directly to the sun.

* Has endurance to UV lights. No color fading.

* It is durable against bumps also has shock absorber feature.

* Expansion values are very low.

* Water and moisture proof. Can be used both in interior and exterior areas.

* Does not contain carcinogenic substance. Does not harmful for health and to the environment.

* Can easily cut by using both diamond saw and jigsaws.

* Can be clean by viping or washing.

* Thanks to its flexible nature it can apply to elliptical and circular faces.

* Joint locations has mastic fill which includes stone dust in this way panel patterns loop able.

* There are tons of alternative such as; every kind of natural stone, concrete, tile and brick.

* The panel colors can be different from each other due to natural stone dust used instead of synthetic paints when producing.

* There is no need extra support system due to its lightness. It can easily apply using dowels or screws to all kind of surfaces or ceiling.

* Can be use both interior and exterior areas.

* Disassembled panels can be used to new surfaces just by making a new measurement.

* All of our products painted by exterior paint. Color fading rates were determined through testing with %25-35 / 10 years.


Assembly of the Product

* On an even and flat surface screw the panels from the joint points. Use almost 20 screws for one panel.

* Mix 2% hardener into desired amount of polyester mastic. Stir well.

* Apply mastic on screw heads and joints by using a fine spatula or suitable tools.

* Provide an even loop between panel patterns and applying all the necessary trimming process by using brush, spatula, pencil spatula or fine screw.

* Following by drying of the polyester mastic apply " FEC Concept Paints" on the surfaces which polyester mastic had been applied.

* After all the paints dried well, there will be a wonderful and amazing looking.


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