105- like Satin, Flat, Erasable, Orange Scented Finish Coat Interior Wall Paint

105- like Satin, Flat, Erasable, Orange Scented Finish Coat Interior Wall Paint

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› Aromatic orange scented
› Can be completely wiped
› Humidity and steam resistant
› High covering capacity
› Highly decorative with good dispersion
› Half bright plain appearance
› Breathes
› Vivid and permanent colors


Styrene-acrylic copolymer binder, water-based decorative flat interior surface paint.


This paint has a real spongeability with its satin-like half-flat nature and its high resistance created with a complete-spongeability technology. Does not crack, swell or pour and resists to physical and chemical effects (alkali, adhesion, water, friction, flexibility, etc.)

Areas of Usage

Applied on the inner surfaces of construction elements such as plaster, gross concrete, drywall, betopan.

Manner of Application

Mix well before application. Apply with brush or roller. Thinned with maximum 15% of water for the first and second layer. Wait at least 6 hours between layers. If there is dirt, oil, dust or old paint leftovers on the application surface, clean completely. If there required dryness is ensured and the surface is solid, it should be lined with FEC Silicone filled Primer Coat. On weak and dusty surfaces such as betopan, drywall, satin plaster, etc. FEC İzolan Plaster should be thinned 1/7, the surface should be filled and lined with FEC Silicone Filled Primer Coat one day later. At least 8 hours after the plaster is applied, FEC Satin-like Silk Flat paint can be applied. Suggested number of layers is at least 2 layers.

Application Temperature

Between +5 °C and + 30 °C.

Drying Time

Can be touched after 30 minutes. Dust keeping: 1 hour Complete drying: 24 hours. Chemical resistance: 72 hours.

Covering Capacity

1 liter of paint covers 12-14 m² (based on the surface) and 1 kg paint covers 5-8 m².

Packing Types

20/1 10/1


Standart color chart

Transportation Conditions

Suitable for at least 1 year storage in its original sealed pail with the lid seals air tight and without exposure to the sunlight or freeze (between+5 °C and + 35 °C). Large packages should be stowed 5 pieces most, and small packages should be stowed 8 pieces most during the storage and transportation. Use the handles for carrying the pails.

Security Warning

S2 Keep out of the reach of the children. S24 Avoid contact with skin and skin. S25 Avoid contact with skin and eyes. S46 If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.

Chemical Properties

Density 1,33 ± 0,05 Solid matter % 55 % ± 5 Viscosity 90-110 ku


High coefficient of friction Class - 1 Covering Capacity Class - 1 (4 m²/L) Brightness Class G-3 Half Flat Smallest Particle S-1 Resistance Against Development of Mould K-1 General Purpose


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